How do Chinese houses differ from American houses?

A picture is worth a thousand words:

This is where an average Chinese middle class stays

This is where an average American middle class stays

This is a Chinese upper middle class neighborhood

This is an American upper middle class neighborhood

A house in a Chinese village

Another house in a Chinese village

An American farm house

Another American farm house


My idea is for the picture to show that for certain segment of society, the US houses tend to enjoy more living space than houses in China. In the urban area, an average family would probably be living in an apartment block rather than landed houses. In the countryside, there’s a difference between houses in a rich village and a poor one, but again the living space tends to be squeezed. Here are some more pictures of villager dwellings from different part of China

And here’s a picture of a model of a typical urban housing development in the Guangdong province:

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